World First Products made from Recycled Pollution Reduce Emissions and Keep Carbon in the Ground!

LanzaTech’s vision of a new carbon economy runs on the principle that carbon should be kept in a closed loop material cycle


Products made from recycled pollution are coming to a store near you! Beijing Shougang LanzaTech New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. a joint venture between carbon recycler, LanzaTech, Shougang Group, a leading Chinese iron and steel producer, and its New Zealand partner, TangMing, have successfully produced over 9M gallons of ethanol from recycled steel mill emissions in their first year of operation. Currently being sold to the road transport market as a low carbon fuel blend, ethanol from this facility will now be converted into PET to be used for production of CarbonSmart™ consumer goods (T-shirts, bottles, packaging).

“Ethanol is a clean, easily transported? and easily convertible liquid that can displace fresh carbon resources,” said LanzaTech CEO, Jennifer Holmgren. “Imagine preventing carbon emissions and instead reusing the carbon to make household products, the clothes you wear, the packaging for your products, and other things you can buy at a store! We can clean our air and keep carbon in the ground in one carbon smart step. Single use carbon must rapidly become a thing of the past.”

LanzaTech is working with India Glycols Limited (IGL), the first company to have commercialized the production of renewable ethylene oxide, its derivatives and glycols, and Far Eastern ? New ? Century (TAIEX: 1402) a global leader in sustainability and textile innovation on the conversion of ethanol to drop- in materials that brands are eager to bring into their supply chain. FENC®, is the first in the world to launch FENC®? TopGreen Bio3-PET HTY (High Tenacity Yarn), a next generation packaging material and synthetic fiber with superior breaking strength and stability compared to regular recycled HTY. Ethanol will be converted into sample runs of products requested by consumer brands looking to bring sustainably sourced recycled carbon into their supply chain.

“India Glycols Limited (IGL) is delighted to be a part of this groundbreaking journey with LanzaTech and FENC. IGL is continuously engaged in advancing innovative materials from renewables / waste that can support global efforts against climate change and resource depletion,” said Chairman Mr. US Bhartia.

“IGL has been at the forefront of such initiatives partnering global brands to create a new paradigm in optimizing their carbon footprint and move products from being a liability to a new material opportunity that benefits both customers, environment and sustainability” said Rakesh Bhartia, CEO, IGL.

LanzaTech’s vision of a new carbon economy runs on the principle that carbon should be kept in a closed loop material cycle. With commercial quantities of recycled carbon ethanol making their way into the consumer market, LanzaTech and its partners are enabling the circular economy by locking carbon into new goods and then continuing to recycle that carbon when that product is discarded. Steel mill emissions today are tomorrow’s running shoes, yoga pants or containers! This is the circular economy in action, and will soon enable customers to choose where the carbon in your shopping comes from.

Source: Lanzatech, press release, 2019-10-07.