Tofu-like crystalline catalysts for producing clean energy

20 years culmination results to end up in ability to produce large sized, single photosyntesis crystals

Research by Professor Jian-Ren Shen at Okayama University demystifies the reaction mechanisms of photosynthesis and the findings may lead to the development of methods for producing an unlimited source of clean energy.

Professor Jian-Ren Shen is recognized for his pioneering research on clarifying the fundamental reaction mechanism that governs photosynthetic water splitting, a process with fundamental importance in understanding how oxygenic photosynthetic organisms, such as plants, use energy from sunlight, water, and CO2 to survive.

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Tags: air pollution, artificial photosynthesis, CCU, oxygen, hydrogen, intermediate structure, Free Electron Laser, diffraction, fuel cells

Source: Innovationsreport, 2013-09-19.