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Summer bundle of two top sellers on polymers – you’ll save 1,000 €! Return in case of dissatisfaction!

At the beginning of this summer, we have prepared an interesting package for you: Consisting of the recent study “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers Global Capacities and Trends 2018-2023″ (388 pages) and the recent report “Carbon dioxide (CO2) as chemical feedstock for polymers – technologies, polymers, developers and producers” (53 pages), you will receive our current two top sellers as a combined package for a discounted price of 3,000 EUR. You’ll save 1,000 EUR!

If you purchase only one of the two studies, we still grant you a 20 % discount on the individual purchase price. The summer discount is valid until 30 August 2019!

Return in case of dissatisfaction!

Haven’t you ever had the following experience? You invest from your limited budget in a high-priced report or in a market study, assuming that you will receive high-quality information. Quality costs … you may have thought.

In retrospect, you were disappointed because the document did not meet your expectations. And of course, after such an experience you are sceptical about putting your confidence in other reports on the market.

nova creates, publishes and markets a variety of studies, all of which are available online. Many contents on our websites are available free of charge, including graphics, scientific texts, abstracts and presentations. At nova, we don’t just promise quality, we deliver.

For this reason, you can download a detailed short version and the table of contents for each report for which you have to pay, so that you can find out in advance whether the document meets your requirements. But we go even one step further: Should you not like one of our reports, we offer to refund your money (we retain 10% of the purchase price for the processing, you have to provide us with a sufficient written description of which of your expectations the report could not meet). That said, not a single client has made use of this option as of today.

Convince yourself, visit us at and take a look at our available reports, abstracts or other material – many of them free of charge.

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 2019-06-14.