Repsol to develop two major emissions-reductions projects in Spain

Repsol CEO Josu Jon Imaz today presented two major pioneering industrial decarbonization projects that the company will undertake in Spain

  • The first project involves building one of the world’s largest plants to manufacture net zero emissions fuels, using CO2 and green hydrogen generated with renewable energy.
  • In addition to Petronor, the Energy Agency of the Basque Government (EVE) will also participate in the project. It will set a new benchmark in Europe due to its advanced technology and the use of CO2 captured in the Petronor refinery as a raw material.
  • The second project is a plant for generation of gas from urban waste which will replace part of the traditional fuels used in Petronor’s production process.
  • Both initiatives—innovative, sustainable, and generating high added-value—anticipate the refinery of the future and represent an important impetus to technological and industrial development that is essential in the current context of economic recovery.
  • To Josu Jon Imaz, “opting for industry is opting for a rapid and stable economic recovery.” “Spain must base its decarbonization strategy on its technological and industrial capabilities. The production of green hydrogen and its combination with the capture and use of CO2 to produce net zero emissions fuels is part of Repsol’s industrial decarbonization strategy. With this project, Spanish industry positions itself to be a relevant European player in reducing emissions,” says the Repsol CEO.

Source: Repsol, press release, 2020-06-15.