Renewable Materials Conference 2021 – A unique concept that covers all renewable materials solutions in one event

Program already available – application period for the innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year 2021” still open! The conference will take place as an online event.

Which renewable materials are solutions that meet the needs of future societies? As a response to this challenging question, nova-Institute has decided to unite all relevant industries in the new “Renewable Materials Conference”, May 18–20, 2021 (, featuring a unique concept to present all renewable material solutions at one event: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled. There is a growing market demand for advanced and ready-to-use renewable material solutions with a low carbon footprint – that are fossil-free.

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For the first time, nova-Institute jointly presents all renewable material solutions: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled. Highlights and innovations of bio- and CO2-based chemicals and materials, and of chemical recycling will be presented. Or in other words: All material solutions based on renewable carbon – avoiding the use of additional fossil carbon.

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Renewable Materials Conference 2021Program highlights of the “Renewable Materials Conference”

The three-day program of the first Renewable Materials Conference is almost final and gives a complete overview of the latest renewable material solutions, a performance show for a wide range of sustainable raw materials and technologies (

The first day (18 May 2021) of the conference will focus on renewable chemicals and building-blocks. Latest news about biorefineries will be presented by Borregaard, Cosun Beet, NESTE and UPM Biochemicals. BASF, Eastman and BioBTX will show their latest insights on chemical recycling and Lanzatech and Renolit will present innovations on CO2-based chemicals. Further, Meo Carbon Solution, nova-Institute, TNO and Vito will focus on new technologies, markets, sustainability assessments and strategies.

The second day (19 May 2021) is dedicated to renewable polymers and plastics, starting with the question of how polymers can be recycled and cycled. Participants can look forward to presentations from Arkema, gr3n, INEOS, Recenso, Synova, TNO and UBQ. Further, Covestro and Avantium will show how polymers and other products can be made from CO2, and both also present highlights on polymers made from biomass, together with Circular Biobased Delta, IFF and Ren Com, followed by presentations from the six nominees of the Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2021”. After the six 10-minute presentations of each candidate, three winners will be chosen online by the conference participants and ceremoniously honoured by Covestro, the sponsor of the Innovation Award.

The third day (20 May 2021) is about markets, trends and sustainability of bio- and CO2-based polymers and biocomposites, political framework conditions, biodegradability and packaging solutions. Presentations from Carbiolice, FKuR, nova-Institute and Papiertechnische Stiftung will provide deeper insights.

Also, Fibres and biocomposites show exciting renewable material solutions. We will be delighted to hear exciting presentations on the latest trends and developments from Amorim Cork, Bcomp, HempFlax and Lenzing.

The conference will help shaping the sustainable future of chemicals and materials and will provide new advantages and synergies by establishing a meeting point for numerous cross-sectoral networking opportunities. Participants from the industry will be able to greatly benefit from the first event of this format as it provides a platform for renewable strategies and a broad range of new prospects and materials solutions.

The conference will be held as an online event, which offers unique networking possibilities to the participants with the help of an innovative conference software from Finland.

RMC Innovation Award 2021Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2021”

For the first time, the innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year” will be awarded to the most exciting new materials made from renewable carbon! The application period is open until 31 March, pioneers from all sectors are invited to submit their innovation at

To demonstrate the wide range of possibilities and the diversity of renewable materials, the innovation award will be granted to innovative and trend-setting products and technologies based on renewable materials. All nominated products will have one thing in common: They avoid or substitute fossil-based materials. The renewable materials have to be available on the market already or their market launch should take place in the near future.

A jury consisting of experts from nova-Institute, the advisory board and sponsors of the event will nominate the outstanding “Top 6” applicants prior to the conference. The nominees will present their innovation in a 10-minute presentation to the audience on the second day of the Renewable Materials Conference (19 May 2021). The audience will vote online for the three winners. The innovation award is sponsored by Covestro (DE).

Neste (FI) and UPM (FI) will support the conference as Gold Sponsor and FKuR (DE) as Silver Sponsor. Companies interested in our attractive sponsoring opportunities are invited to contact Guido Mueller, Key Account Manager: [email protected].

All information about the new conference:

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2021-03-08.