Interest to join the Horizon2020 call ISIB-06-2015: Converting CO2 into chemicals

The nova-Institute is looking forward to develop a joint proposal conference on innovative techniques using CO2

Dear experts for Carbon Dioxide Utilization,

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Some of you may work on a proposal for the Horizon2020 call ISIB-06-2015: Converting CO2 into chemicals. The programme focuses on “innovative technologies to use CO2 from the atmosphere or captured in industrial processes as a direct feedstock for chemical production beyond algal biorefinery concepts.“ For further information please visit

This call is aimed on the Carbon Dioxide Utilization and we would be glad to work with you in a project in one of these areas. The deadline for the submission of 1st stage proposals (3rd of February 2015) is rapidly approaching. With this in mind, we are writing to inquire if you are part of a consortium, or are playing a leading role within one, which we can join and to which we can contribute our competence in life-cycle assessments (LCA), market research, feasibility studies and techno-economic evaluation as well as dissemination activities. We know from our extensive experience that the aspects of economic and ecological feasibility and competitiveness are easily neglected in technically-orientated proposals, although the evaluation committees pay particular attention to these aspects. Additionally especially for the dissemination parts we can offer an established CCU conference with about 150 attendees going into the 4th round in 2015:

For 20 years now, the nova-Institute has been globally active in market research, industrial and political consultancy and project management. It uses and creates expert knowledge and innovative technologies to advance and develop the use of renewable resources as energy, material and products. We concentrate on market research for bio-based materials and industrial biotechnology as well as on CCU technologies. Our areas of specialist skills and competence include life cycle assessment (LCA), ecological and techno-economic evaluation, feasibility studies, market analysis, feedstock availability, economic analysis of area and usage competition and indeed the whole value added chain of resources. Because of our expertise we have good contacts within a wide industrial network and partner in several EU-funded projects. Furthermore, we are experienced in the dissemination of research results and regularly host workshops and conferences including one of the biggest events on CCU worldwide. For more information please visit and

We look forward to hearing from you and to developing a joint proposal.

Kind regards,

Achim Raschka
Head of Technology & Markets Department

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Source: nova-Institute, press release, 2015-01-07.