Global competition on conversion of CO2 into valuable products – Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU)

How to participate at "NRG COISIA Carbon XPRIZE“ and identify the most promising and efficient CCU technologies

Dear CCU experts,

we from nova-Institute see a huge potential for CCU technologies in combination with renewable energy. It will be crucial to identify the most promising and the most efficient CCU technologies. Therefore we support the “NRG COISIA Carbon XPRIZE“ and would like to inform you how to participate.

The “NRG COISIA Carbon XPRIZE“ is a US$20 million global competition to incentivize breakthroughs in the conversion of CO2 emissions into valuable products.

The competition will run through the next four years. The final registration and submission deadline is July 15, 2016.

We invite all engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to consider joining or forming a team!

The first step is to visit Creating a user profile allows one to browse the list of other teams considering entering.

Beyond the chance to showcase your world-changing technology and win the prize purse, the benefits of competing in this XPRIZE include

– Publicity and marketing from XPRIZE
– Market opportunities post-prize
– Attention and focus of investors
– Access to dedicated industrial testing facilities
– Building relationships with a global community of competing teams that each will bring competitive and valuable technologies into this competition

More details about the prize and how to form a team can be found here:, or you can watch our short video here:

Please find here the sponsors of the XPRIZE:

Save the date: Our next big event 6 -7 December 2016 in Cologne: “5th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers“

Call for papers is open – first speakers confirmed – free booth for the first 10 bookers – 20% early bird discount until August

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards

Michael Carus
Managing Director of nova-Institute

Source: nova-institute, press release, 2016-06-09.