Fast Swimmers: 10 Algae technologies, where are they in the race for the summit?

Who’s in the lead? Who’s getting traction? Who’s near the summit? Who’s got the oxygen?

We look at algae, algae, and more algae to see who’s getting where, when.

Algae, algae, algae — growing almost as fast as algae itself are the number of companies that are exploring the technology since algae came back on the radar in 2007-09. The Summer of Algae has passed, but dozens of companies have remained hot in pursuit of a solution for fuels, feed, nutraceuticals, fragrances, flavorings and tailored renewable oils.

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Tags: biofuel, CCS, CO2, blue-green algae, ethanol, green chemicals, cyanobacteria, bioproducts, biodiesel, lipid, jet-fuel, Green Crude oil

Source: BiofuelsDigest, 2013-07-23.