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The next issue of the worldwide-distributed “International Business Directory for Bio-based Materials” (iBIB) to be released in spring 2014. iBIB2014/15 will be available as PDF edition, print edition, online-database and mobile version for the iPad and will reach more than 50,000 potential customers

The market for bio-based plastics and composites continues to show double-figure growth rates and is gaining more and more relevance on a global level. For a market to reach long-term successful development, the stakeholders need to connect with each other. However, new markets are mostly based on ‘insider-knowledge’ and therefore lack transparency. That makes it difficult to reach out to potential new clients or find information about available suppliers and their solutions. This is especially true in the field of bio-based plastics, composites and green additives. To secure a steady growth, the market needs to open up. Established and new companies alike need a platform to introduce themselves to other stakeholders and gain visibility worldwide.

Use the iBIB2014/15 as a great opportunity for efficient global marketing! Get an idea of the current version: www.bio-based.eu/iBIB

iBIB – worldwide connectivity for suppliers and customers
The International Business Directory for Bio-based Materials (iBIB) has proven to be a useful tool to obtain detailed information about the suppliers of bio-based materials and to directly get in touch with the right contact person. Since 2009, the iBIB is being spread widely as PDF edition by email and on websites; the print edition is distributed at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences worldwide. In 2011, iBIB went online with a database featuring a detailed index with more than 100 specific criteria. It clearly struck a chord with potential customers – the number of hits increased rapidly. The iBIB2012/13 has achieved 50,000 downloads of single company profiles up to today, and the tendency is still increasing.

This huge and somewhat unexpected success led to further improvements of the database. With the upcoming issue, it will be available as mobile version for the iPad, effectively linked to all common search engines. Another novelty is the inclusion of CO2-based materials in the iBIB2014/15, acknowledging the rapid development of the sector. As a fairly new segment, CO2-based industries are even more in need of ways to make themselves known and connect to other stakeholders.

The iBIB2014/15 covers the field of bio-based plastics, bio-composites, wood-plastic composites (WPC), green additives and CO2-based materials. Suppliers as well as institutes, associations and consultants from every continent will be represented. It will be available as hardcopy, PDF and at the online database, accessible at www.bio-based.eu/iBIB.

From now on, interested businesses can book spots for company profiles and product portfolios including an online database entry at www.bio-based.eu/iBIB/order. The final deadline is 28 February 2014. The rate for a double page for companies is 1,050 €, a single page for associations and institutes is 750 €. The number of companies included in the next issue of the directory is expected to rise to over 100. Use the iBIB2014/15 as a great opportunity for efficient global marketing!


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Source: nova-Institute, press release, 2013-10-29.