Cleaning our Homes while Cleaning the Sky CarbonSmart™ Products hit the Stores in Switzerland!

Switzerland’s largest retail company and its subsidiary have launched a new range of cleaning products, containing LanzaTech ethanol made from recycled pollution

Switzerland’s largest retail company, Migros, and its subsidiary, Mibelle Group, have launched a new range of cleaning products, containing LanzaTech ethanol made from recycled pollution.

The Beijing Shougang LanzaTech New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. a joint venture between carbon recycler, LanzaTech, Shougang Group, a leading Chinese iron and steel producer, Shougang FUND, DEHUI group and its New Zealand partner, TangMing, has been producing ethanol from recycled steel mill emissions in China, since 2018. Over 80 Tons of this ethanol, has been shipped to Europe and used in the Migros Plus Oeko Power and Potz cleaning ranges in Mibelle Group’s portfolio. These products are now on sale in Migros supermarkets in Switzerland.

Interest in LanzaTech’s carbon recycling technology sprang from Mibelle Group’s desire to keep fresh fossil resources in the ground, protect biodiversity and avoid land use change. Independent life cycle analysis was undertaken by Swiss sustainability group, Carbotech AG, and the approach has received support from experts at WWF in Switzerland. “The use of fossil fuels must be avoided. Where this is not possible, it makes sense to include greenhouse gases in products so that the gases do not contribute to global warming and climate change,” says Christoph Meili, a specialist in life cycle assessments at WWF Switzerland.

While today’s announcement sees the launch of products containing ethanol made from recycled carbon, the Mibelle Group have a vision to include recycled carbon into more products in their portfolio.

“We are also looking at bringing packaging to the market that can be produced using the same technology,” says Luigi Pedrocchi, CEO of Mibelle Group. “I am very proud of the Mibelle Group’s efforts to produce more sustainably.”

Today, LanzaTech is working with conversion partners across the supply chain to use chemical grade ethanol for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for packaging applications. In addition, LanzaTech is developing direct routes for the production of commodity chemicals from gas emissions to ensure further carbon reductions relative to fossil pathways.

“The team at Mibelle Group has a strong sustainability vision for their products and we are pleased to support them on this journey,” says LanzaTech CEO, Jennifer Holmgren. “Today marks an important milestone in our goal to create a new carbon economy, locking waste carbon into new material cycles and making single use carbon a thing of the past. Thanks to our partnership with Mibelle Group, we can now choose to clean our homes with products that help clean our skies! This is the circular economy in action, an enabler to a future where there is no such thing as carbon waste.”

Link to Mibelle Group Video: Generation M video

Source: LanzaTech, press release, 2020-08-24.