Biotechnologies: EnobraQ is gaining momentum!

Company opens up capital, confirms 2nd round of fundraising

For its third year of operation, the Toulouse-based company EnobraQ, which specializes in biotechnology, is strengthening its development and announcing changes in its structure. It notably opens up its capital to three major research structures: INRA, INSA and CNRS and confirms a second round of fundraising in 2 years for a cumulative amount of 4.9 million euros. Sofinnova Partners, Auriga Partners, Irdinov and SuperNovaInvest are reaffirming their confidence. This financial support will make it possible to pursue development on three axes, and particularly yield improvement of certain industrial productions by up to 20%.

EnobraQ recognized by his peers.

Through this new fundraising and the entry into the capital of big names in research such as INRA, INSA and CNRS, EnobraQ is demonstrating the viability of its projects over the long term. Founded by private investors at the end of 2015, EnobraQ was one of the first startups to be accompanied by Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) on the development of innovative projects and one of the first to receive direct support from its supervisory bodies.

2 million euros raised to materialize breakthrough innovations

With discoveries made over the past two years, EnobraQ is currently working on a project to improve the output of industrial productions by up to 20%. Thanks to its cutting-edge research on the use of CO2, it is also developing a lactic acid production process which could thus contribute to reducing the dependency on fossil products such as oil, to save resources needed for food but also help reduce carbon footprint. Finally, the company focuses on the optimization of photosynthesis through a process demonstrating a significant improvement of the enzyme allowing the fixation of CO2. In the long run, this discovery could have a positive and lasting impact on food security worldwide.

Accelerating industrialization of biotechnology processes

In its new development phase, EnobraQ aims to generalize the use of CO2 as industrial feedstock.

“Today we are entering a strategic phase of our development. Our expertise of the RuBisCO in industrial biotechnology, the most widespread protein in the world, allows us to target the nutrition, bioplastics and agri-food markets. This new fundraising and the support of three major French public research centers will enable us to expand our fields of action and lead to the implementation of sustainable processes” explains Christophe Dardel, Chief Executive Officer.

About EnobraQ

EnobraQ is a start-up created in 2015, from a pre-competitive research project supported by Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB). Concerned with ecological and economic considerations, EnobraQ develops breakthrough technologies that use CO2 and target markets as diverse as nutrition, agri-food, cosmetics, pharmacology and bioplastics.

Source: EnobraQ, press release, 2018-04-10.