A new era begins: The Renewable Materials Conference, Cologne and online, 18–20 May 2021

Featuring a unique concept to present all sustainable and renewable material solutions at one event: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled www.renewable-materials.eu

There is a growing market demand for advanced and ready-to-use sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint – and fossil-free. As a response to this challenge, nova-Institute has decided to unite all relevant industries in the new Renewable Materials Conference (RMC). Over three days, participants get a complete overview of the latest renewable material solutions from a wide range of sustainable raw materials and technologies. The first day will be focusing on building blocks and chemicals, the second on polymers and plastics and the third on plastic and composite materials.

Visuals, German version and PDF file available at: www.nova-institute.eu/press/?id=221300x250-20-10-25-RMC-Banner

nova-Institute’s renewable carbon approach aims to initiate the end of the fossil age of chemicals and plastics and builds the foundation for the RMC. Renewable chemicals, plastics, composites, fibres and other products can be produced either from biomass, directly via CO2 utilisation, or recycling. Naturally, this includes the established areas of bio-based polymers and biocomposites.

Thus, for the first time in its 25 years of experience in the field of renewable raw materials, nova-Institute presents all these material solutions jointly at one conference: Latest innovations on bio- and CO2-based chemicals and materials as well as mechanicaRC Logo - Circular Economyl and chemical recycling. Or in other words: All material solutions based on renewable carbon – avoiding the use of additional fossil carbon.

The conference will help shape the sustainable future of chemicals and materials and will provide new advantages and synergies by establishing a meeting point for numerous cross-sectoral networking opportunities. Participants from the industry will be able to greatly benefit from the first event of this format as it provides a platform where new market solutions can be presented and recognised to get a broad range of new prospects and materials solutions.

The Renewable Materials Conference is the follow-up event to the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, which builds on a successful history of previous conferences: In 2019, more than 270 participants attended and 30 exhibitors were present. It was the second largest event on bio-based materials in Europe and continues within this new concept. The conference also integrates topics from the “Biocomposites Conference Cologne” and extends the conference with presentations on chemicals and polymers from CO2 use (CCU) as well as new solutions from the field of recycling, so that the entire spectrum of renewable materials is covered.
The conference will be held as hybrid event – as physical meeting in which an online audience participates as well. The physical conference will take place in Cologne, Germany. Overall, 300 to 400 participants are expected.

To show of the wide range of possibilities and diversity of renewable materials, the innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year” will be granted at the conference to innovative and trend-setting products and technologies based on renewable materials. The pioneers of renewable materials from all sectors are invited to participate. www.renewable-materials.eu/award-application

Companies interested in becoming speakers, sponsors or innovation award applicants are invited to contact Michael Carus, CEO of nova-Institute: [email protected]

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 20-10-27